IDIKAR Frame Series CNC Square Tube Cutter
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IDIKAR Frame Series CNC Square Tube Cutter


Brief introduction
8 axis all profiles & pipes CNC cutting machine for square pipe, rectangular pipe, oval pipe and profile H  ,L ,U type steel and any other special fittings.


1, AUTOCAD space programming system which configurates IDIKAR application plug-ins meets the cutting process requirements of rectangular, tapered, polygonal, oval-shaped pipe, and other special fittings.

2. Independently developed optimization of CNC pipe systems ensures good EGES DXF SAT and STL software compatibility.

3.IDIKAR-users can enjoy free special cutting technology development and lifelong technical services.


 1. Applies to all kinds channel, beam, angle, ball flat steel, pipe and rectangular pipe ect and pipe profiles of all types production.

 2. Especially for steel construction, shipbuilding, marine engineering, the elevator industry, building walls, bridges, towers and mechanical engineering industries.

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