How to choose portable CNC plasma cutting machine?
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How to choose portable CNC plasma cutting machine?


Portable CNC cutting machine is known as the upgrade product of the Honeybee CNC cutting machine. The reason why it is called portable CNC cutting machine is that in the process of using, the equipment can move freely, is convenient and flexible, and has been widely used in small and medium-sized mechanical equipment manufacturers.

Portable CNC cutting machine is now technically mature and perfect. After purchasing products, customers can choose to install and debug by themselves.

How to choose a portable CNC plasma cutting machine suitable for oneself?

1.    Portable CNC cutting machine has two kinds of cutting methods, plasma cutting and flame cutting. On the same compact cutting machine, we can configure the two cutting methods at the same time.

2.    For the application of two cutting methods, plasma cutting is the first choice for thin plate cutting, cutting speed is twice as fast as flame cutting speed. So, for the same portable CNC cutting machine, usually we would recommend that customers choose two cutting methods at the same time.

3.    Portable CNC cutting machine belongs to single drive equipment, which requires high stability of track. If the material of the track is not good, it directly affects the cutting effect of the equipment. For material, we choose aluminum alloy profile, which has good toughness and high stability.

4.    The choice of CNC system, some people say that the better the imported system, the higher the quality, the better the effect, this is a great misunderstanding. It is good for us to understand and master the CNC system skillfully. At present, Shanghai Fangling's CNC system is widely used in China.

5.    For plasma cutting, plasma power supply is very important. The plasma power supply is not the more expensive the better, suitable for customer cutting thickness of the power supply is the best. Thick plate must be recommended for customers to use flame cutting method, because cutting thick plate, no matter how large plasma power supply, is not as good as flame cutting effect. I generally recommend Huayuan plasma power supply professionally and responsibly. In our feedback of thousands of portable CNC cutting machines every year, Huayuan's plasma power supply has good effect, low after-sales rate, of course, the price is transparent and unprofitable.

6.    Avoid fancy recommendations when choosing. Take a simple example: automatic ignition. The cost of adding the automatic ignition function is not high, but the failure rate is very high in our beams, and once there are problems, it is not easy to replace and repair, but also occupies the space of the beams. The best solution is to buy an automatic igniter for a gas stove, which is safe, practical and low cost.

The taboo of choosing portable CNC cutting machine is to choose fancy configuration. The best is the one that suits the actual situation.