Begin Gantry with 3 levels Oxygen Perforation
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Customer Location: Russia

Model: Begin 3080


CNC Plasma cutting machine . 3 sets of the lifter, forward lifter for the plasma with the anti-collision device, backward lifter for the Oxygen lifter and with the capacitance automatic torch height controller: CHC-200F.

With the Pneumatic marking function.

The most key point it is the 3 levels pierce, it can reduce the preheat time, increase the pierce speed. It will improve the cut quality.


1.Work area: 2500x7000mm

2.CNC controller: SF-2300S  10.4-inch true color from Starfire

3. THC:  One plasma lifter HYD XPTHC-100V;

               One gas auto THC: HYD CHC-200F

a. Arc voltage automatic THC, model HYD XPTHC-100V (can adjust the distance between the torch and the sheet metal automatic)

b. CHC-200F automatic torch height controller for the gas cutting.

cPneumatic marking lifter

4. Support gas cutting, with the 3 levels perforation panel