How to choose our first metal fiber laser cutting machine?
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How to choose our first metal fiber laser cutting machine?

In the field of laser processing, lasers are usually divided into CO2 lasers, YAG lasers and Fiber lasers.With the technology improvement , fiber laser is becoming more and more important in the metal processing and cutting industry. The wavelength of fiber laser is 1064nm and it can be absorbed by metal materials. The cutting efficiency of fiber laser cutting machine is much higher than other metal cutting equipment. Fiber laser cutter can cut metal very finely, also its cutting speed is very fast.  Then how we can choose a good fiber laser cutting machine?

1) Cutting Type ( Sheet metal / Tube metal / Sheet + Tube metal)

Firstly, please check your cutting type ( sheet metal or tube metal or sheet & tube metal), then we will recommend you the suitable model. Our model includes Sheet metal laser cutter , tube metal laser cutter and sheet & tube metal laser cutter.

2) Materials + Size + Cutting Thickness→Confirm suitable Laser Power and working size

As we know, the bigger laser power can cut bigger thickness, so now we should confirm our cutting materials and their size & maximum cutting thickness, then ZLTECH will suggest you the suitable working size laser power. The laser power is the main factor to determines the machine price.

Our standard working size include 600*900mm, 2500*1300mm, 3000*1500mm, 4000*2000mm, 6000*2500mm.

Other size can be customized.

3) Choose the suitable configurations.

There are many factors that affect the machine prices, such as processing technology, machine configurations (laser generator, cutting head, motor, reducer, etc ). Firstly, let's take processing technology for example, every equipment of IDIKAR is finished with high temperature aging treatment and fine milling. In order to save cost, some companies omit this process, but machine is very easy to deform and cutting accuracy get bad fastly.

Let's take servo motor as example again. For IDIKAR, the standard servo motor power is 850w and 1000w. But some companies provide 750w to customers but they do not mention it on the quotation.

So you can tell us your budget and we will recommend you the suitable configurations with good quality.

4) Choose a reliable manufacturer

In addition to machine configurations (quality), we also need to check the supplier service.

IDIKAR established a complete and strict quality control system, which controls the product quality from raw materials, production and delivery. In order to ensure the high precision, every equipment will be finished with fine milling and high-temperature aging treatment. Also IDIKAR use high-tech precision instruments to measure the accuracy and transmission speed of the machine. The main test includes rail transmission accuracy level test, cutting head vertical test, bed parallel and perpendicular test, etc.

Also IDIKAR established one independent R&D team which is dedicated to the machine upgrades and new machine innovations. You can enjoy the customized service and pleasure of high quality from IDIKAR.

ZLTECH has one professional sles team and one after-sale service team, which can provide professional suggestion and technical support in time. Online training and door service are both available for ZLTECH. Welcome to join in ZLTECH and enjoy our good quality.