SF-2200H CNC Contorl System
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SF-2200H CNC Contorl System

SF-2200H CNC Contorl System,cnc controller


SF-2200H CNC Contorl System,cnc controller

SF-2200H cutting machine numerical control system is suitable for all kinds of flame / plasma, high pressure water jet, laser cutting machine, widely used in metal processing, advertising, stone and other industries.

The system is highly reliable and has the ability of anti - plasma jamming, anti - lightning and surge.

The utility of the flame / plasma cutting process, plasma processing, automatic completion of the corner speed control, and the control of the regulator; the use of wireless remote control or cable controlled box to achieve remote operation.

With slotting compensation function, and testing procedures in compensation is reasonable, make corresponding reports for the user to choose.

Breakpoint recovery, automatic power failure recovery function, breakpoint automatic memory.

Any selections and selected perforation point processing, processing can be arbitrary skip processing.

The functions are suitable for the extension and perforation of thick plate, and the bridging function is suitable for the thin plate.

Rollback, excerpts, breakpoint recovery, optional position and other functions, greatly facilitate the user's control.

Can transfer optional starting point of cutting, processing, processing can be automatically broken.

Using a small segment function, special walking smoothly, can be widely used in metal and advertising, iron etc..

Parts library containing 24 kinds of graphics (can be expanded and defined), including the common basic processing parts.

And STARCAM set of software is fully compatible with the, while compatible with IBE (Germany), FASTCAM and other mainstream software package.

Chinese and English operation interface conversion, dynamic graphics display, 1 to 8 times the graphics zoom, automatic tracking, the use of U disk to read the program and timely software upgrades.
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