ZLT series light table plasma CNC cutting machine
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ZLT series light table plasma CNC cutting machine

IDIKAR ZLT series light table plasma CNC cutting machine


IDIKAR ZLT series light table plasma CNC cutting machine

1. Welded lathe bed of thick-wall profiled steel, artificial prescription, more solid and stable.
2. Reasonable platform design, 10mm thickness steel plates fixed on the table covered by cast sheath with spikes. Steel plates will not be damaged even under raging flame.
3. The level difference of whole double-decked platform remains in 0-1.5mm.
4. Reasonable material inclined leakage design. All finished working pieces and fragments slide into both sides of tunnel for safe and convenient collection.
5. Standard: step motor (Could be update to Panasonic servo motor and driver)
6. Lower noises, stable and accurate coordinate movement.
7. Start control system made in Sino-US joint venture and Germany Design Software FastCAM with auto material saving function
8. High sensitive auto THC adjuster. Self-adjusting to choose the best distance between plasma gun and working piece automatically in order to ensure cutting accuracy.
9. Best choice for all kinds of different thickness material and heterotypic sheet cutting.

Technical Parameter
Processing materials Carbor steel,stainless steel,aluminum
Effective cutting width 1500mm
Effective cutting length 3000mm
Machine Width 1700mm
Machine  3200mm
Plasma cutting thickness Depends on the plasma source
Cutting  6-150mm
Power 8.5KW-10.5KW
Input Voltage 3 phase 380V
Power Frequency 50Hz

CNC Controller F2100B/SF-2100
THC Automatic Plasma THC
Display 7.0-inch screen
Motor and driver stepper motor and driver
Transmission type Gear and reack transmission
Rail HIWIN square rail and dual rail square
Nesting software FastCAM software

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