Begin Series Cutting machine
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Begin Series Cutting machine


1.Gantry type cutting machine 
2.High quality,reasonable price 
3.Flame and plasma cutting 
4.Panasonic servo motor

1. High reliability, such as anti-plasma jamming, and lightning strike, Surge.

2. 32-64Mlarge users program storage capacity.

3. In both English and Chinese interface conversion.

4. During plasma processing, auto-complete the speed control of the corner.

5. Variety of software features and practical flame / plasma cutting process.

6. In particular small line section procedure processing can be widely used in metal materials and advertisement, Iron.

7. 4-axis can be expanded linkage functions.

8. Dynamic graphics, zoom in 1-8X the graphics, fixed point of automatic tracking.

9. Using USB Flash Drive reading procedure and timely upgrade software.

10. Built-in the rich graphics, makes programming easy to learn.Using CNC of Beijng Starfire .

Input voltage: 220V        Gas depression: Max0.1Mpa

Power frequency: 50HZ     Oxygen deprission:Max1.5Mpa

Rated power: 160W        Available gas:acetylene,proagas,methane

Display:10.4 inch LCD      Cutting type: flame,plasma

24kgs steel rail 

Panasonic servo motor

It can add unlimited turning

Technical Data
It can be used for cutting any shape that consists of arc and straight lines.

Precision: National standard JB/T 10045.3-99

Not occupying fixed place.

Effective cutting width:0-2500mm

Effective cutting length: 0-5500mm

Effective cutting thickness: Plasma cutting  0.1-20mm (related to the plasma power)

Speed: Plasma cutting  0-4000 mm/min  unload > 6m

 Flame cutting   0-1000 mm/min  unload > 6m


Cutting Sample

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